Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day one part two

I have to mention that today is very auspicious for starting my blog because August 15 in the day India was partitioned in 1947 and won independence from Britain at the terrible price of dividing the country by religion, causing a holocaust as Hindus left Lahore in what became Pakistan and Muslims fled Delhi across the border--see the movie Earth to see how the subcontinent was shattered on many levels. One can certainly clebrate with food though--garlic naan with dark buttery blisters, dal makani (black lentils stewed over night in spices, buuter, cream and tomato paste) and lamb biryani ( I make the best with lamb marinated in spices and yogurt for a few days then cooked and layered with needle-fine fragrant basmati rice, saffron and sliced almonds), palak paneer and butter chicken representing the best of Moghul-Persian Northern cuisine with amazing vegetable dishes cooked with spices, tamarined and coconut from Maharashtra and Gujarat and going further south the paper thin dosas (crepes) stuffed with spice potatoes and rasam (spicy lentil soup) . At the stroke of midnight the people of India were divided but food can still unite the two people who are from the same land. So Happy Birthday to India and Pakistan.

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